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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  January 1, 2013 6:00am-7:00am PST

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. good morning, gunfire marred the celebration in san francisco, three people were shot including a young boy. and employers are trying to get access to your facebook account, we will tell you more coming up. >> and the mayor is said to meet with police officers this morning and we will tell you why several say he is not welcome and they see this as an insult. there is a debate on
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capitol hill and ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. good morning, welcome to morning news, it is tuesday january 1st, 2013 and i am in for pam cook. >> let's check your weather and traffic. it didn't seem as cold when i helped -- stepped outment it will be a cool and breezy day and these showers are confined to the santa cruz mountains. it will be leaving some very cool air in place so cool chilly and breezy here is tara. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza and in san mateo no problems to report here, coming up we will have an
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accident and it is up to 1 t1 miles per hour -- 21 miles per hour. one shooting injured a child on the embarcadero near pier 23 around 11:30 last night. a 12-year-old boy was shot in his foot and a man was grazed in the hip and another shooting at fisherman's wharf shot a man in the hand. the suspects in both cases got away. police recorded make 10 arrests and others were arrested for other crimes which police did not specify. and another 150,000 people raping in the new year safely. the crowd showed up to get a
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good spot for the fireworks display. they did adopt the new year and rang in the new year in a responsible way. public transit ran into the early morning hours to get everybody back home safely. we posted a slide show around the work. your time now 6:03. a missing hiker has just been found and he is being rescued as we speak. he was found this morning and the search and rescue team is carrying him down the mountain on foot right now. paramedics say as far as they can tell, we don't know his
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name yet but he reportedly became lost after going off the trail. this is information we have been getting him right now. he has been found and we will bring you the latest details as they come in. earlier this morning, the u.s. senate will avoid the fiscal cliff and a vote is expected this morning. he said neither republicans nor democrats got everything they wanted and this a agreement should work and the house should pass it without delay. the house of representatives should reconvene at 9:00 our time. will house republicans try to block house of that senate pill. >> they have hundreds of new
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laws and they just took a affect today. and we will tell you about one that affects you if you use facebook. >> reporter: well there are a total of 876 new laws in the books in our state and one is designed to protect homeowners trying to avoid foreclosure. this new law would prevent banks from starting the foreclosure basis and it will protect people going through alone modification. and you can still go ahead with the for close to our some time. it is now illegal to use facebook user i.d. and password to keep their
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jobs. colleges and user add mixes are also prohibited in doing the same thing and can no longer ask the students. driver less cars, pay paves the way and they are a bay area technical giant and as long as there is a real person watching nearby incase of an emergency. with more than 800 new laws, we can't go through all of them but these are just a few we have picked out but coming up in about 45 minutes we will tell you about a new law that has to do with carrying rifles in public. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 morning news. thank you, alley. they are preparing a visit in
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police fire station. but the mayor may not receive some a warm welcome today, good morning jeanine. >> reporter: mayor reid is expected to arrive in several minutes and many see this as an insult and they can't believe he would come here and thank them because they say the way he has -- say the way he has treated the department. this is an annual tradition for him to recognize and public speak to them. moral is low in the department and the mayor has been unpopular with officers ever since he rechampioned their pension plans. they are fighting back and there has been enough officers
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retiring and releaving. we also learned 30 officers found the homicide rate has reached its highest level in 20 years and property crimes are on the rise. back out here live, we plan on talking to the mayor about how he feels what the officers are saying behind his back and what his goals are for the coming year. reporting live from san jose ktvu channel 2 morning news. it has reopened following ahead on collision where for people were killed on highway 12 of vista. they are not releasing any details about the crash or if alcohol was involved. law enforcement agencies were crackdown on drunk
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drivers, dui checkpoints were set up at several locations a cross the area. yesterday chp said the number of dui arrests were town some paired to last year and i mentioned i saw a a lot of that. you were telling us about a high-speed chase in san jose, what do you know now? well, he was going up to 100 miles per hour. it started in san jose and the driver was going the wrong way. one of his tires were actually missing, and they are trying restrain the man who is running into traffic but the good news is that the incident now seems
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lows clod. -- closed. traffic is moving nicely into san francisco, near 880 traffic into the coliseum downtown oakland 280 split, no problems to report, here is steve. it will be a cool breezy day and a few showers and i went to bed early last night, i did i was good . be with us for another couple of hours and right there, dropping down, you say that's it? yes, that cold air will start to come down. 30s on the temperatures and 30s for many inland areas, and if it was not for the cloud cover, 26 redding and there is
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system cold air to the north. there is not a lot but just a few showers or sprinkles and i know we have had a few zipping on by. there is not a lot but interests a little bit of a president and i don't think much to tip the old reign game. i think there will be a leap fine line and that should cover it for everybody. and again that north breeze will kick in and it will cut by you later on. and in went protected areas, it is tomorrow in advance of system that is over us right now. again the pattern is changed as
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we go into are your weekend. a survivors describes the deadly after math of a bus crash. >> i tried to find their son... >> what police are saying this morning. plus, what is happening today, why this is setting a new national record. well, well, well.
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. it is 6:14 and one of the survivors of the charter bus is talking about the accident. the charter bus loss control in pendleton oregon. it rolled 200 feet down a mountain canyon. many victims were thrown from the bus and one of them talked about the chaos right after the crash. >> they screamed and yelled, some mothers screamed to find their son or daughter. >> police plea of 49 of them on the bus, nine people died and officers are still struggling to identify victims. many were separated from their passports and they have been sent to 10 hospitals in three states. the men were hiking near
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china camp friday night when they got lost. and a so much a officer -- chp officer was rescued and none of them were hurt. the last minute deal passed by the u.s. senate to prevent automatic spending cuts, as carla campbell reports, this is not a done deal yesterday, carla? the house of representatives police they were enough to keep investors and the eek stable for now. and they will keep individuals making more than 400,000. it blocks deep spending cuts for military americans and they
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will continue to fit unemployment benefits for next year. they also see a spark in milk prices. it is what led to a dramatic new year's eve is washington of the. >> we have done some good for the country for the revenue side of this debate and now it is time to get serious about -- about washington's agreement and the house gets back to work in less than three hours. it does put a lot of pressure on the house and even show there is no guarantee it will pass. if the house does approve of the senate measure, there are still other deadlines in the coming weeks. i will have more on that in my next updatement.
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well a big he championship went up, and the minimum wage went up $10.55. san francisco now has the highest minimum wage in the nation. santa fe mexico has it at $10.29. it is 618 and they are scheduled to face a judge. they are accused of killing a man during a home invasion and his wife was also beaten. they are meeting about the closure of the shell avenue fire station in martinez. contra costa officials say people who live in the area will be able how to a affect
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fire stations. -- affect fire stations. they live red a property tax to raise $17 million for fire stations and the meeting is scheduled to begin at 6:30 next thursday night at martinez high school. it is a rough start where a road is closed cutting off access to a very popular beach. park officials say a culvert would limb them and all -- little mitt all of them and all of the park facilities and trails are still open. and it is still light and there is some free parking in san francisco on this new year's day. >> you can't beat that, free
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metered parking can't be that. we don't have too many accidents to report and we had a lot of activity you about it is coming down. you can see west bound and traffic on the right-hand side is through orinda also and looking at this hour, the camera is starting to bob around and steve will have more on that coming up, hey being steve. we are getting a north wind because this low is producing showers, not a lot but mainly about the city and peninsular and santa cruz coastline. it is not much but it is moving quickly we will have very cold air coming in tonight. 30s to 40s in san jose and
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under mostly cloudy skies and yesterday at this time, 41 and our temperatures held up yesterday heading towards capitoa, santa cruz and i doubt any of these are doing anything and the system is coming out of the to and it toes have cooler air and those who move south 51 to 55, coast bay south bay, it will not matter but with that breeze, it will take the end of the afternoon and tomorrow morning frost and freeze advisory are already posted in advance of that. it may be looking dry but
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temperatures are warming up. it is a 2012 breaking year. movie tickets sales were pretty expensive and the number of high profile stores will reach stores. they will notice changes to their bill for pg&e and starting today their bill will go up 2% and gas rates are going down almost 6% but the lowered gas bills will not last long. in fact pg&e will raise prices for 2% demanded on the first baby and we know about two of therm just a head. and we are looking for a
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year seeing all those fireworks they went off multiple buildings after being launched from the rooftops of 7 casinos. it is a tie for the first baby airborne and two babies were born at separate local hospitals. awayby was born at midnight and another one was born in berkeley. police used shot spotters to try and crackdown on a dangerous new year's eve tradition. they looked for people shooting guns into the air celebrating new year's. they focused on neighborhoods where there has been gunfire in the past. they passed out flyers as a warning trying to stop the
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gunfire before it even starts. 49ers head coach john harbaugh will be auditioning kickers possibly to replace david acres and will hold tryouts this week. the kickers who do tryout are will be replacing him. he is a 15 year veteran and has had a rough time and is low in field goal percentage. >> it is not good. tara is doing a great job for sal and how are things in the south bay? everything is looking good, we have had debris but overall, it is looking good and traffic is moving along nicing on the 880 split and sunole grade in treatment month, same store --
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fremont, same story, no problems to report. still some upper 30s and 40s, a few showers mainly from the peninsular and the santa cruz mountains and you will see the spin right there. that is what is giving us a cool breezy day. hundreds of new laws hit the books and we have more on how some of those laws could cause an uproar on california gun owners. it turns violent with two separate shootings, how young one of the victims was.
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. it is tuesday, january 13th january 1st and 2013. overnight news, thousands of people packed the waterfront to welcome the new year but it was a holiday celebration that was marred by gunfire. alex savage will tell us about a 12-year-old boy among several people shot, what happened alex. >> reporter: as thousands gathered along the waterfront, somebody decided to open fire and this is where that 12-year- old boy was shot in the foot. he is expected to be okay and a second person was also hit. as people were waiting for the fireworks show to begin, a man
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was grazed in the hip by a bulletment both are being treated for non-life threatening injuries but at this point it is unclear why the shooter started firing. and another shooting happened closer to fisherman's wharf near mason street. one person was shot in the hand and that victims' injuries are considered non-life threatening. they started running through the plaza at fisherman's wharf's and in either of these cases both of the shootings happened saturday night. i did call police and they are looking for up states and has -- looking for the shooter.
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two people were killed. it all started with an argument which turned physical and when an employee tried to break up the fight, a suspect a 22-year- old man pulled out a gun and started firing. a woman was also shot but is expected to survive. witnesses captured the scene. >> everybody started running that way and we just went into one of the stores. >> police say the suspect and an armed security guard exchanged fire. they are now being treated for wounds and the midnight show was canceled as a result. and people are going to the thousands at the waterfront. it was quite a show as they lit
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up the area for the did i place of 2013. there were a lot of parties in san jose like this one here and some people paid about $100 in the lounge in downtown hose. and the arcadia at the marriott said it is usually the second busiest night of the year. of course everyone was watching, people from all over the world packed times square ringing in the new year and grabbing some kisses. three hours before the ball dropped, they had so many people they could not get close enough to see the ball drop. this year there were no public toilets and security as you can imagine security was very, very title. we posted a slide show of all
6:36 am
the news around the world, just click on the images tab on it is after the u.s. senate passed a bill early this morning to avoid the fiscal cliff. coming up, we will have a live report of details and one a voids the so called darry cliff and that will provide milk increases up to $8 per gallon. and hundreds of new california laws take affect today and now that it is 2013, allie rasmus has a sampling of one of those laws and that
6:37 am
includes touchy interest. at least anybody, it is now illegal for an employer or anybody to hand over that information in order to get or keep their job. so now your boss can no longer ask you for your facebook account to see what you are putting on your job. now another new law tries to sell metal out of utility lights and other public property. the law increases who are those and the increase goes up $250 per violation. and it is now illegal to display certain types of guns
6:38 am
on public streets except when they are hunting. we obviously can't go through all 846 new laws but coming up on 2, we will show you why we will soon see driverless cars driving along some row ways. and it is happening right now for the 1 24 rose par ride -- parade. this year's theme, oh the places you will go. some of those floats are made of flowers and natural materials. we had a chance to talk with one of the men who will be driving one of those special
6:39 am
floats. >> picture an end bell la and driving around, it is a lot of fun. >> some of the column fires did that and more than 88,000 have their tickets. the rose bowl will be playing stanford and stanford is a 6 point favorite. they have five losses to actually make it to the rose bowl but sports reporter fred inc. less is there and he will be here coming up at 7:40. and fans who can't make it to capacity, the is sum my -- a
6:40 am
sum my shows -- alumni shows the did you have goose and in the marina district, come padre's rio grill and in the reyes station, -- rio station, something happened what happened? it just happened on west campbell and we have a 2 car crash which is blocking one of the lanes there. also in the santa rosa area up near petaluma, it happened off the off -- on the off ramp with the cars facing the wrong way and hopefully that will get clear. you can see traffic is moving on the opposite side downtown. we are looking good into san francisco.
6:41 am
237, traffic westbound on the right-hand side of your screen is headed towards sunny veil and again no delays, 6:29, here is steve. >> thank you. >> well, we do have a cooler air mass over us, although tomorrow morning, just letting you know, we will have frost and freeze advisories, this president is picked up for some and it dame down out of the elevator shaft and it covers everything we have seen. mostly cloudy, parly sunny and that is holding up when it was no doubt about it and 26 redding and those showers were from about the city, sprinkles for the coastline and now
6:42 am
heading towards monterey and they are mainly off the coast so there is not a lot of cool air in place. i think parsley sunny and i will mention this and upper 30s and 40s for those inland closer to the bay but 53 and 54 should cover it. and with a north whip and woodside 51 and because of that frost advisory for tomorrow morning and as it is looking pretty good -- and it is t- looking pretty good right now. it is prompting new safety inspections several years
6:43 am
later. also, some good news about secretary of state hillary rodham clinton's hell scare after the secretary had that blood clot. and we will have more traffic coming up, everything is looking good in the bay area.
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. all right steve, here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are following, 6:44 it was new year's eve, gunfire, be a long san francisco's embarcadero three people include ago 12-year-old boy were wounded and they are expected to survive. no suspects have been arrested as of yet. hundreds of california laws will take affect and one will crackdown on copper thefts. young shop owners -- junk shop owners will face fines up to $250. and starting this morning, all eyes are on the house of washington and that's after the u.s. senate approved a deal after the so called fiscal cliff this morning. we have more joining us live to
6:47 am
tell us what is likely to happen when the house reconvenes this morning, renee? >> reporter: that's right, dave, the house will be back on capitol hill in just over two hours and once the house passes it, if they do pass it, we saw vice-president joseph biden on capitol hill and that was the key signal that negotiators had struck a deal. senate leader and mission mcconnel -- mitch mcconnel was working out the compromise when vice-president joseph biden was on the hill he talked with fellow democrats and briefed them and legs laying was drafted. we now know -- legislation was drafted. we now know families making more than 450,000 dollars a year will see their taxes go up
6:48 am
and while those automatic spending cuts are deferred until the beginning of march, the bill does provide for $24 billion in savings over the next 2 months. half will come from revenue and a half comes from the house and 89 voted for and 88 voted against it. vigils will be held in two east bay communities for a young woman in india who died after being gang raped. it sparked outrage calling for more protection for women. and starting at the hundred due temple and in oakland people will gather in recognition of all victims of rape. doctors say they expect secretary of state hillary rodham clinton to make a full
6:49 am
recovery after suffering a blood clot in her head. it is located in her right here. doctors are treating her with. we will spend this time visiting fire stations and police stations all over the stay but he may not get a warm welcome. it is an annual new year's tradition for mayor reid but some may be surprised by his visit because of all the tensions over a pension dispute. he is due to attend a police briefing and then due to visit dispatchers and firefighters. happening right now, a man who spend a night on a cold mountain alone and not dressed for the cold, is he being rescued right now.
6:50 am
a 28 person rescue team is carrying that man down the mountain. coming up, in just about 15 minutes, brian florida resident will -- brian flores will bring the latest on mornings on 2. and for sal, we are keeping a close eye, you say there was something going on, on the bay bridge? >> yes, we have a stalled car and if we look at our maps, there you dough, this is the on ramp and it does not look like it is causing too many delays but they are trying to get it cleared from the bridge. traffic is moving nicely on 280 in san jose and the same story everything is looking good. a fellow vehicle spin out on moffett boulevard so keep an eye on that and we will be aware of it for you. and we have mostly cloudy
6:51 am
partly cloudy, it will bring in some cold air tonight, seattle and portland, it will be in l.a. and it has produced a few showers. 30s and 40s not as cold as yesterday, due to a breeze but it is still cold out there and because of the clearing skies, we already have a freeze watch and that will take us tonight into tomorrow morning and also we have a frost advisory and those are tonight and tomorrow. for wind protected areas, we see some of that shower activity flying by but it is now offshore heading towards monterey. but over us, they will give way to mostly sunny although it will be a cool breezy day as that tracts through. and a few showers, we will take those out because they are
6:52 am
about done. low 50s to mid-50s for some, everybody will be really close and cold, cold and again the patterns change and the weekend looks okay right now. all right, it is 10 minutes before 7:00 and they are ordering additional inspections of some 747 boeing jets. it stems from an incident involving a southwest plane. as you can see a hole was torn in the roof forcing an emergency landing. they will see more detailed inspections for those along the area. state tax will increase up to 7- point 5% thanks to the voter approved proposition 30 and that translates to an $86 difference on a big ticket item like a new car.
6:53 am
the increase will last three years and does not apply for compass. and -- for
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. a reward of up to 15,000 dollars is being offered after a teenage girl was shot to death on sunday. she and a 14-year-old boy was walking to the station when they were shot. jordan was killed and the 14- year-old boy was wounded in the foot but he is expected to recover. oakland police chief howard jordan wants your help in identifying the shooter who may be as young as 13 years old. meantime police in san jose are trying to solve that city's 46th homicide of the year. it happened yesterday morning in a parking jar wrong on lewis road off monterey highway. he got into an argument with two other men before he was shot. police did detain two other people and police recovered the
6:57 am
weapon involved. family and friends of oscar grant will mark the 4th anniversary of his test. the young father was shot and killed in oakland. he is now on parole after being released from prison and they will pastry put to his life through poetry and music and a balloon release. same sex couples celebrated the new year by tying the knot. same sex couples in the state have been able to get marriage licenses but they did not take affect until this morning. nine states now approve of same sex marriages. and this year, pie one tie
6:58 am
pause of the problems with a new dating system. the motion picture's academy said some have problems making a transition to the new online system. voters are still scheduled to be announced on january 10th. later this morning california will conduct the first snow survey and state officials say the early storms will help to boost the snow packed readings. they show the water content at 146% of normal. today's snow pack measurements will take place near echo summit and we also have the first spare the air day and it is illegal to burn wood or any other solid fuels. let's check in with tara and find out about an accident
6:59 am
there. a fellow car spin out and it looks like an injury accident which does not seem to be causing backups right now but we will keep an eye on it for you. right here 237 milpitas on the westbound side, no delays and at the golden gate bridge, sun is starting to come up and headlights are headed into san francisco. let's head over to steve. we have partly sunny skies -- not partly sunny skies, partly cloudy, well it is sunny east of here. it is producing a few showers and it will be a cool breezy day, mainly low 50s. so violence marched -- marred them. and also the so called fiscal cliff crisis, life very busy on capitol hill, stay


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